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tool & die fabrication
the mold shop occupies roughly 1,000 sq feet with a total of 10 professional tool & die manufacturing masters that can make 7-10 molds per month, depending on the mold size of course. We can make up to 28”X26”X24” size molds.
plastic injection

the plastic injection department occupies 4,000 sq feet with a total of 15 plastic injection machines (12 sets horizontal and 3 sets vertical) ranging from 30 Tons to 530 Tons, which can handle injection for tooling up to 33”X48”X34”. with 15 injection machines and 50 personnel, our monthly injection capacity is up to 720K shots.

smt area


our SMT area occupies 2,000 sq feet with 2 high speed automatic SMT lines with automatic soldering paste printing station. We can run up to 26,000,000 count components placement per month.

metal stamping

the metal department occupies 10,000 sq feet with a total of 90 stamping machines ranging from 10T to 400T. With 75 operators, our monthly capacity is over 20,000,000 stampings.

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